$229 + Tax

Privacy ... we've got ya covered!

It's Your Party! Do What You Want!

  • Don't even worry about the outside food and beverage fee. with this room its included so bring whatever you want. 
  • separate your guests from all the noise and commotion of other guests and parties. this Room is away from it all.
  • add one our fresh tossed 14 in za's for a party price of $10 Dollars
  • Add the ultimate package only available to v.i.p. guests.
  • avoid waiting in the snack bar line! Anything you need from the snack bar can be ordered from the front desk and then delivered.

Put Your Guests Up Front

  • The V.I.P. room is right next to the skate counter, and has its own designated side for v.i.p. putting your guests at the  forefront of service. 
  • The V.I.P. room is also right next to the gate of the rink. Far away from the crowds of the snack bar and other parties going on during the session.
  • Equipped with Four 6ft tables.
  • Comfortably sits 24 guests.
  • Equipped with 8 outlets around the room.
  • Free play PAC-MAN and Centipede Arcade Games included in room rental.

Ultimate Package

  • For $70 additional, you can get the following:

  • 2 bottomless pitchers of sdda (Fill em' up till you leave).

  • 1 Mouth Piece for all of your guests.

  • You all are our V.I.P. guests at Rollerland. Even the adults! Any additional adults will be charged the kid price and receive their skate ticket discounted for $7 as well!

  • A Skate Mate for each person who needs one (while supplies last).

  • Birthday Kitty gets A Turn in the Money Machine.

The V.I.P. Room is simply a upgrade on top of the basic party package.

This Package Includes:

-Parties include 10 admission and skate  rentals for all paid guests

-Up to 10 skaters! For over 10 skaters:

-$7.00 more for each additional kid.

-$11.00 more for each additional adult.

-Non-skater invitees are allowed in for free.

-Birthday person gets a free glow item!

-One 12 foot table reserved for the entire skate session.

-Party gets 2 free pitchers of their choice of soda.

-Guests are allowed to bring in birthday cake or cupcakes.

-DJ to entertain guests with music and games.

-Additional Addons:

-$20 fee for Birthday Person to use our money machine.

-We put the $20 in the money machine for them to catch.

Any money they catch, they keep; minimum of $10 at least!

-$7 fee for additional Birthday Guests of Honor.

-No fee to bring outside food/drink.

-$7 fee for additional pitcher of soda.

-$35 fee for our Light Package, which includes:

10 light up mouth pieces. ( But v.i.p.'s have access to unlimited...) just ps 

We require a reservation and non-refundable deposit of $50 on all public parties.
*Your party can arrive up to 15 minutes early.
*A fee will be applied if parties don't leave within 15 minutes of closing.
*No glitter/confetti/silly string, etc type of items are allowed.
*Party Favors are not included with party package.